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How to Start a Profitable Web Design Business From your Home

How to start a profitable web design business from your home - Although today it is easier to build a website from models and content management platforms, such as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace many companies still prefer to hire a web designer when thinking about the creation of sites. As a result, many web design jobs are and will continue to be available.

The average salary for a Webdesigner is approximately USD $ 850 / month, and can reach up to USD $ 2,800. The combination of high demand and potential rental income makes web design a popular idea when we talk about working in the home office .

What does it take to be a web designer?
How to Start a Profitable Web Design Business From your Home

The web designers are half artists and half tech-geek. They are not only responsible for the appearance of a site, but also for the functions and the whole technical part of operation.

Web designers are not required to have a specific training or certification, as long as they have the skills to project a website. Although it is not necessarily a requirement, the knowledge of coding and programming can increase opportunities, possibilities and gain.

Web designers must have some things to be recognized professionals:

Aesthetic notions for design, including layout and color, by creating an attractive layout and, at the same time, capable of serving the purpose of the site;Knowledge of color (theory of colors), source and how they can be used to improve a site;Ability to organize and structure the site to facilitate navigation;Coding languages, such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, SQL, to be able to increasingly increase the added value through the complexity of the functionalities it manages to develop.

Pros of starting a web design business

Starting a web design business has many advantages, the main one is high demand. In addition, other advantages include the following:

It can be easily done at home or anywhere that has Internet access;No specific educational requirements are necessary, although certifications and training may increase the commercialization of their services;The Internet is here to stay, so the need for web designers will not disappear.

Increasingly, mainly in Brazil, people and companies are being updated and modernized. Added to that, we are in a time of crisis and with a growing lifestyle of entrepreneurship.

Therefore, we have two audiences: those who want to make their first site, and those who want to reformulate an old site with a more modern look;Be creative every day;Get a good remuneration;

Have schedule flexibility; Easily expand business to other areas, such as SEO , ad campaigns, copywriting, site maintenance and other site-related services.

Generally, whoever needs a site needs to move and attract traffic in some way and can help you;A great possibility of having recurring profits.

With the resale of hosting and maintenance of sites you can easily accumulate a good monthly recurring income.

Cons of starting a web design business

Like all other home-based ventures, there are some disadvantages to managing a web design company in your home, such as:

The web is constantly evolving, so you always need to stay updated on programming, innovation and software;There is a lot of competition.

The advice here is: define well who your competitor is. There are several types of people and companies that offer web design services.

If you are a professional web designer and you are trained for so much, your uncle's nephew who makes sites in Wix as an extra income can not be considered your competitor. It is worth saying that in English, "pick your fights", that is, choose who "fights" with We have increasingly new and easy to use platforms which means that many potential customers are trying to create their own sites.

The positive point of that is that many clients end up creating a dysfunctional site and end up needing you in the future;You will work with quite subjective aesthetic questions. From colors, to images and icons, everyone likes and understands one way.

It is very common that for web designers the concept of tuna is very different than for the rest of the people.

You often have to give in, and create a layout that pleases the customer, even if you do not like it.

The suggestion is: follow the briefing, propose improvements and suggestions, and consult your client when you think he is proposing something bad. However, remember, who has to be satisfied at the end is your client.

What you need to start a web design business

In addition to having to have the basic structural knowledge of at least HTML and CSS, you will need:

A space in your house to make office that is silent and free of distractions;Quality hardware, including a computer, a large monitor and, if possible, a tablet and smarthphone of the latest generation;Graphics software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD;A high-speed Internet connection and perhaps a server space for hosting and testing sites;A site with your portfolio and a list of the services it will provide;A contract that describes all the policies of how you work.

Get legal validity in your contract using the ClickSigns digital signature platform, besides being cheap it is very practical and easy to use;A business plan, describing your services, target market and financial objectives;A marketing plan that includes your target market and how you intend to achieve it;Marketing materials, such as business cards, e-mail signature, Fanpage arts and brochures;You must have a network of editors, graphic designers and others involved in the development of sites.

It is possible that you have a client that wants a website, but still does not have text and graphics. With your network, you have other companies that you can direct to your client, just as the other companies can forward their clients back to you in the web design part;Build a strong network of indications. Satisfied customers are very likely to indicate.

After having your business diagrammed, the challenge will be to find the first customers.

There are many ways to find customers, even using your network. Be sure to collect testimonials and develop a referral program. Divulge and comment on your work with friends and family, indications from nearby people are valuable, as they convey confidence.

Another option to find your first customers is through sites for freelancers, such as Workana , which has a high demand for web design jobs.